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This photo project: Looking at the Land.

And this one by Alyse Emdur: about prison photo backdrops.

This post from bldgblog on faking it in the second world war.

This 1961 letter from Harvard.

Swiss concrete by Clavien Rossier Architectes.

Mies model 1:1.

And this – just because: Dogs in Cars.

A church.

Photos 1: Ezra Stoller.

Photos 2: Hiepler Brunier.

Photos 3: Soviet.

Photos 4: Tonje Birkeland.

Real fake architecture 1:

Charles Holland’s account of a visit to Portmeirion in Wales: a fantasy village built by Clough Willians-Ellis, in the words of Holland, “a successful if off-beat twentieth century architect specialising in traditional, mostly neo-Georgian designs.” He seems to have gone all-in here anyway, in this slightly off-scale and brightly coloured place.

Real fake architecture 2:

For thirty years Winy Maas of MVRDV has been advocating a new building on a large square in his birthplace Schijndel in southeastern Netherlands, and after a succession of different proposals and strong opposition it is now finally built. writes about the project and an accompanying exhibition that describes the design process behind the final proposal: a traditional dutch farmhouse. Only made of glass. And housing shops and restaurants and such instead of cows and farmers. And scaled up 160%, to fit the space on the square.

But the shape is right: based on meticulous studies of traditional farms in the area (that contain accomodation for both people and animals as well as storage in one single unit, under one giant roof). The whole thing is covered with artist Frank van der Salm’s photographs of the different studied farm houses, overlaid and with different transparency, selected with “authenticity, state of preservation and personal preference” in mind.

The inhabitants of Schijndel don’t seem overly excited with this new addition to their town (“I guess it has something” was about as positive as it got, according to the article) but I think it all seems rather wonderful:…

Fake real architecture:

A comic about Batman’s fight with an evil starchitect Kem Roomhaus who wants to tear down Wayne Central station and replace it with an enormous transportation hub “concieved as a replica of the rib cage of the […] humpback whale”.

“Batman: Death by Design” by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor.…

Real architecture, underground:

Geoff Manaugh of bldgblog on different projects dealing with discovering and mapping hidden structures – walls and rooms and whole settlements under ground:

Real architecture, overground;

An account from of Tyin tegnestue’s project for a training centre of a cinnamon business on Sumatra.