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Some links again, as usual mainly via baunetz and uncube:

The aerial photos by Gerco de Ruijter and the art-architecture by Alex Chinneck.

A new cultural centre in an old building in Madrid by Rafael De La-Hoz Arquitectos.

The new-old Landesachiv in Duisburg by Ortner + Ortner.

Trainstop Barneveld Noord in the Netherlands by NL Architects.

A small house in Chile by emA Arquitectos.

Another small house in Chile, by MAPA.

And finally this weird and rather wonderful looking viewpoint in Rotterdam by NEXT Architects.

Jag har slarvat med mitt arkitekturtextintag så nu försöker jag läsa ikapp, i arkivet på uncube magazine till exempel. Där finns bland en massa annat bra en intervju med fotografen Ingrid von Kruse (i nummer 9, Constructing Images). Hon har “spent her life photographing the intellectual and political elites of Europe” och i boken Eminent Architects har hon fotograferat 32 kändisarkitekter. Det är säkert en intressant bok: eleganta porträtt (svartvita), lagom oläsliga handskrivna citat (svartvita) av de porträtterade. Intervjun är i alla fall väldigt rolig. För att von Kruse är 75 år: den som finge bli 75 med lust och ork och möjlighet att sätta igång sådana projekt! (Eller 35, för den delen.) För hennes svar på hur hon valde vilka som skulle vara med: “I’m not at all at home in the architectural scene. So I thought I should choose the Pritzker Prize winners – that’s manageable. And then there were other well-known architects, like David Chipperfield, Mario Botta, and Santiago Calatrava.” Och – framför allt – för att om man någonsin behöver ta ner en arkitekt på jorden är det henne man ska vända sig till. Hör bara: “Architects are not philosophers; they are doers. They have ideas in their head that they turn into reality using modern technologies. And what I find particularly enthralling is that the result is sometimes very questionable.” “The architects were then able to view my website to get an impression of my work, and to see everyone who I’ve already photographed. Viewed in the broader context, the architects are surely not at the topmost level of people I’ve used as subjects. Maybe that’s why they all agreed.” “But architects really think they’re the busiest people in the world. I can’t vouch for that. Because when I think of great politicians, for instance – they are faced with entirely different challenges, also with a different responsibility. It really is a peculiar image that the architects have of themselves.”

Och till sist svaret på frågan om hon efter att ha träffat alla de här arkitekturpersonligheterna har kunnat upptäcka några gemensamma drag: “Maybe their fashion. All of them wore modern watches, most of which are also visible in the photos. Many love wearing a black sweater.”


Yellow: this restaurant in Madrid by (fos) design collective, via Miss Moss.Grey: these photos of buildings under construction by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao.

Wood and trees 1: museum extension in Norway by LJB architects.

Wood and trees 2: tree house on Fischerinsel in Berlin by Legeer Architekten.




Some links again, from this time:

this housing project in Kreuzberg by ifau, Jesko Fezer and Heide & von Beckerath (great looking interiors but oh those mesh floors, the vertigo!), this villa in Italy by Wespi de Meuron Romeo (concrete, concrete, fantastic views and some more concrete) and another Swiss minimalist extravaganza: city hall in Laufenburg by Brandenberger Bührer Kloter Architekten.

This photo project: Looking at the Land.

And this one by Alyse Emdur: about prison photo backdrops.

This post from bldgblog on faking it in the second world war.

This 1961 letter from Harvard.

Swiss concrete by Clavien Rossier Architectes.

Mies model 1:1.

And this – just because: Dogs in Cars.

I have been busy moving and trying to avoid drowning, literally and metaphorically, in Boxes Full Of Stuff. Now that we’re more or less in place, though, the fun part begins: deciding what to do with this place (and where oh where to put All The Stuff in The Boxes). Which involves looking at pretty pictures of pretty places, like these:

Mieke Verbijlen

Freunde von Freunden

(or at least quite recently found).

This blog!

This research station (that moves!) in the Antarctic, by Hugh Broughton Architects.

These fabric prints by Carolyn Firedlander – if you can’t get enough of drawing.

This (already closed) exhibition in Berlin about civil servant architecture.

And, as often, a couple of links from bldg blog: this time on simulated British cities during the Blitz and traces of ancient structures in the Scottish landscape.

From my latest Baunetz-round (as always too much unread – good newsletter, bad reading habits):

EM2N in Karlín, Prague

Hobrecht in Berlin

Casanova und Hernández in Blaricum

Baumschlager Eberle in Vienna

Opus 5 in Louviers




Via Baunetz:

Museo de Semana Santa in Hellín, Spain. By Exit Architects.

Summer house in Südburgenland, Austria. By Judith Benzer Architektur.

Because I never can stay away from a) anything looking remotely russian/folksy/shiny/intricately braided or b) anything looking like it just stepped out of a renaissance painting: